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About Me

"Architecture is a vessel that can improve one's life."

My name is Sheik Rishan. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Architecture degree at Amity University Dubai. The above stated quote is one of my core principals of design.

I am an individual who is curious about the world around me, hence learning new things is something I enjoy and love. I can proudly say that I was able to maintain a high CGPA within my university all the while participating in multiple extracurricular activities. One of my goals is to always learn something new no matter my age, hence I would love to work in a company that can teach me more about the world every day.

Design is something that I am very passionate about. No matter the scale of the project, I always strive to give my best and work hard to ensure that all my designs strongly incorporate my ideologies.

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Personal Motto

Vision without action is a daydream.

Action without vision is a nightmare.

Works through the years

"Its the journey that counts and not the destination."

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Architectural Portfolio

"Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves."

Compiled here are some of my selected works so far in my architectural journey.

Please click to view my architectural portfolio.

Art Gallery

"Art speaks where words are unable to explain."

Art is something that has been part of me ever since I was kid. Here you can view some of my artworks I have done, using multiple mediums.

Please click to view my artworks.

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Photoshop Renders

"An idea is salvation by imagination"

Photoshop is the main software I use for my renders. Here you can view a few of the non-design related renders I have done.

Please click to view my photoshop renders.

Research Papers

"Research is to see what everyone has seen; and to think what nobody has thought."

Please click to view the research papers I have worked on.

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Personal Documents

"Personality begins where competition ends."

Please click to access my CV and Resume.

Freelance Services

I can provides highly personalized services designed to meet the needs of their exacting clients. 
Get in touch to find out more on services and quotations.

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Sheik Rishan - Portfolio_edited.jpg

Photoshop Renders

Architectural Renders

3d Modelling - Software

3d Modelling - Handmade

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For questions or comments about  projects or to inquire on services, please get in touch today.

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